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We move forward catering in schools.
We want every pupil and student to be our guest.

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We cook fresh, balanced meals using quality, trusted ingredients. We know that regular meals for pupils and students are essential for their further development. We provide diners with a holistic concept of the school restaurant with breakfast and snack services, decent lunches in a pleasant setting and a cheerful team of professionals. Our concept extends beyond food, aspiring to intensify fundamental values that will give us a better sense of direction in our lives. With our youngest diners, we play a game called “Eating with the Colour-eater”, while older pupils and students are offered information on table manners, proper behaviour and healthy lifestyles.
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Breakfasts and snacks
Home-made snacks, just like mummy makes! Every day, we make fresh rolls and sandwiches on site using fresh and trusted ingredients.

Balanced lunches
Our cooking and menus rely on school recipes. As a matter of principle, we avoid hot spices and glutamates. We want pupils and students to eat properly and enjoy their lunch when they are with us.

Drinking habits
We make sure pupils and students get the fluid intake they need whether they are using our snack service or eating lunch. We prioritise unsweetened tea and mineral water and strive to minimise the availability of sweet sodas.

Eating with the Colour-eater
For our youngest diners, we have prepared a year-round project involving a game teaching them how to eat properly and healthily. One of the game’s incentives is a final prize draw for “young gourmets” at the end of the school year.


The setting in which we dine and table manners are an integral part of healthy and correct eating. During their time in the school restaurant, we always strive to help our guests to enjoy themselves and develop their sense of the world around them by means of flashcards or spots on table manners and by ensuring that staff are amiable and professional at all times.

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