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Training (OP HR&E)

Human Resources and Employment

Between 2007 and 2013, the Czech Republic has had access to the European Social Fund via three operational programmes. One of these is the Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment, focusing in part on combating unemployment and providing vocational training.
Under that programme, DORA Gastro/Eurest was awarded a staff training grant for a project entitled Fostering your Future, registered under number CZ.1.04/1.1.02/35.01387.


• Preparing a mass catering menu
• Ingredient standardisation, the economics of a menu
• Modern trends in mass catering – Czech cuisine
• Modern trends in mass catering – world cuisine
• Diet-related catering, the nutritional values of meals
• Hospital catering, catering for children and young people
• Using fish and poultry in mass catering
• Soups in mass catering
• Pasta in mass catering
• Purchasing optimisation, purchase marketing
• Storing, regenerating and preparing food
• Hygiene in mass catering establishments, HACCP
• Sales marketing, merchandising – a route to higher sales
• Cost management in large-scale cooking establishments
• Technology in large-scale cooking establishments, use and maintenance thereof
• Course: Correct Service I – serving meals
• Course: Correct Service II – selling merchandise
• Managing a mass catering establishment
• Managing a working team
• Marketing a catering establishment
• Crisis talks, resolving complaints
• Marketing mix, creating business offers
• Business negotiations, strategy and tactics
• Rudiments of project management

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